Trinidad Carnival Parties

Events Leading up to Carnival Monday & Tuesday

- Sunday    St. Anthoy's College Feting Tiger's All Inclusive    5pm - 11pm

- Monday    Machel Monday    6pm until

- Tuesday    Kes in Concert: Tuesday on the Rocks    8pm - 2am

- Wednesday    Mental 5pm - 12am
- Wednesday Hyatt Lime 4pm - 1am*
- Wednesday    Punchy Punch Cooler    10pm - 4am

- Thursday    Tribe Ignite    9pm - 4am

- Friday    Phuket    2pm - 10pm
- Friday    Blue Range    10pm until
- Friday    Soca Monarch 8pm - 4am

- Saturday  Panorama - 4pm - 11pm

- Sunday    Sunny Side Up    4am - 11am
- Sunday    Beach House Cooler    2pm - 8pm

- Monday    We Love J'Ouvert    2am - 8am

*Hyatt Lime is a will Call only event. You may request this ticket seperately and we will create a custom order for your package.